WIP Wednesday – whoops sorry it’s late!

Hello, welcome back, and please accept my sincerest apologies for my prolonged absence. I never intended to stay away for so long, but unfortunately I have been suffering such severe pain in my hands that I haven’t been able to crochet at all for about nine months.

Enough of that though: on with the show (or post)! Let me begin by explaining that we have rearranged our living room to accommodate a new HiFi unit and facilitate delivery of a new sofa and armchair (the armchair was for me!). During the process of rearranging, all of my “string”, books and patterns were removed from the living room. As a result of this, I can’t. find. anything. at. all. Therefore, all projects detailed in previous posts are on hold, as well as a few that were started between the last post and this one (the two accommodations detailed above were two separate events and a few months apart).

Therefore, I will only share projects I am actively working on, which should keep this post a little shorter.

Sacred Space

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will already know that I am a bit of a fan of Helen Shrimpton’s. If you haven’t and didn’t, well now you know 😉

I started this CAL when it began on 26th July. I love the pattern, but I have to go slowly with my hands still not being quite right (if you’re interested, you can read more about that here). However, I have finished parts one, two and three – and on two versions! I’m using Stylecraft Special DK for both. Here are some photos:

Sacred Space CAL by Helen Shrimpton: Sacred Balance above; Sacred Skies below
Sacred Space CAL by Helen Shrimpton: Sacred Balance above, Sacred Skies below

Ravelry project page for the Sacred Balance colourway

Ravelry project page for the Sacred Skies colourway

Peppermint Tea Triangle

Another CAL, this one is run by Black Sheep Wools and designed by Lisa Cook (aka Lisa’s Attik on IG). The pattern was released all in one go and the CAL started on 1st August, and that is when I started crocheting. I love the shawl pattern, but Scheepjes Whirl is a 4 ply yarn and hard for my hands to cope with, so again I must go slowly. Here are a few photos:

Peppermint Tea Triangle shawl designed by Lisa Cook for Black Sheep Wools
Peppermint Tea Triangle by Lisa Cook for Black Sheep Wools

Ravelry project page

That’s all for today – short and sweet! Next week, however, you should see the results of knit along I plan to participate in, which starts on 1st September… See you then, if not before 😉