Crochet along, anyone?

I have recently been dubbed “CAL girl” on Instagram because of my involvement in so many current crochet alongs. I suppose that’s fair, and a little amusing!

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So what crochet alongs am I involved with? Let me show you!

First of all, I started on the Mandala Madness CAL. I am using the Purple Passion Scheepjes Colour Crafter kit for this one. This is a giant mandala blanket designed by Helen Shrimpton. You can find the Facebook event page here and the CCC group page here. You can pick up a kit from Deramores (this links to the Colour Crafter kit, but links to the other two kits are on that page further down) to join in – click on the photo to visit the general info for the CAL. Here is my current work, with the next clue due tomorrow evening:

Mandala Madness CAL Week 3

Isn’t it beautiful?!

The next CAL that I joined in with was from the group by the name CAL – Crochet Along on Facebook. This particular crochet along is to celebrate the group’s one year anniversary and is called Friends Around the World. Several different designers are creating twelve-inch squares to make up a blanket. It’s great  fun!  I am using random acrylic DK yarns from my stash that need using up. These are my first two squares, Octoghan and Flower Compass, both by Agrarian Artisan (I have the pattern for the third Square, Stephan, but I haven’t had a chance to start on it yet):

Friends Around the World CAL Week One: Octoghan
Friends Around the World CAL Week Two: Flower Compass

The next CAL I started working on was one that I stumbled over during my random, infrequent wanders around the groups I am a member of on Facebook. I forget which group I was in when I discovered this particular one, but the group in which you can find the patterns is here – it is a closed group, though, and if you are not going to participate you will be removed from the group – so you have been warned! I got as far as week six and had to stop because I ran out of yarn. I am using Drops Safran in 01 Light Pink and 18 Off White and Drops Love You 7 in 03 Beige. It was the beige I ran out of and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get any more since it’s out of stock at Wool Warehouse due to the next CAL I will be talking about. So I started again with only the Safran in 18 Off White, 21, Beige and 50 Light Ice Blue. I hope to get a bit further this time, but haven’t quite finished the third week’s installment yet:

Hekel Mandala Week 6
Hekel Mandala Week 6
Hekel Queen Week 2
Hekel Queen Week 2

The next CAL I started work on is called The Meadow and is by Drops using Drops Love You 7. I am using the colours suggested (White, Pink, Light Turquoise, Turquoise and Opal Green). It started last Tuesday and the second clue was released Monday just gone. I am completely up to date with this one:

Drops' The Meadow CAL Week One: Anemone
Drops’ The Meadow CAL Week One: Anemone
Drops' The Meadow CAL Week Two: Buttercup
Drops’ The Meadow CAL Week Two: Buttercup

The next CAL I started began yesterday. It was designed by Jane Crowfoot for Stylecraft. I am using the Special DK kit, but there are kits in Life DK and Classique Cotton as well [NB if you purchase the kit from Janie Crow you may be eligible for a free pattern].In case you haven’t guessed, it is the Frida’s Flowers CAL! I love the work of Frida Kahlo, as does my husband, and so I am thrilled to be taking part in this crochet along! You can find all the information you need about the CAL here (scroll down for the Getting Ready pdf) and Jane’s inspiration for the project here. Here is my first hexagon for the project, before blocking:

Frida's Flowers Part One: White Cosmos
Frida’s Flowers Part One: White Cosmos

The last CAL I want to talk to you about today is very special to me. It is the 2016 Scheepjes CAL, Last Dance on the Beach in memory of Marinke Slump, aka Wink of A Creative Being, who took her own life last year. I am still very upset by this and miss Wink incredibly, even though I never met her. I will be crocheting this blanket as a tribute to her and my lovely husband approved the purchase of the Dance Under the Stars basic kit. There is a basic kit (in Colour Crafter) and a luxury kit (in Merino Soft) for each of the three colourways: Dance Under the Stars, Dance in the Sea and Dance in the Rain. Unfortunately, the luxury kits are well out of my price-range. Each kit purchased includes a small donation to a mental health charity in Wink’s name. The CAL kicks off on Wednesday 20th April, so you have two weeks to order your kit!

So, as you can see I have been quite busy recently, and will be even more so for the next couple of months! I am loving it though. I am still pacing myself with the crochet so I don’t over-do it and have to take another break, so hopefully all will be well and I’ll post another update next week!


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