They’re hard work, aren’t they? Well I think they are, especially my own. It was my birthday on Friday (20th) and my wonderful husband gave me a new computer, so I will be able to blog more regularly now – hooray!

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In our house, if your birthday falls on a Friday (or even a Thursday sometimes) then you celebrate for the whole weekend. I cook a special dinner on the day of the birthday and then avoid our usual routine of batch-cooking for three days with a bolognese, chilli or curry etc. Then there is the birthday cake and the desert of choice and the handmade gift to go with the bought gift… It all eats up my time. At least I don’t have to make myself a handmade present!

This year has been a little disappointing on the birthday front as so many people forgot. My brother doesn’t do birthday cards or gifts and I didn’t expect anything from him, so a birthday text was a lovely surprise! The Little Miss gave me some beautiful stones from the Crystal Shop, but the Young Man and Big Miss forgot, as did my in-laws (although I’ll let them off as they have had a lot on lately, what with MIL being ill, and they are in their seventies). My mother had problems logging into Amazon so was late ordering my present – she’ll bring it over when it arrives. My sister gave me a lovely Twinings porcelain china mug with some English Breakfast teabags (I do like a nice cup of tea!) and, as previously mentioned, my lovely, lovely husband gave me a new computer!

So I have spent two days doing Windows updates and upgrades and getting generally quite pissed off with computers in general (I miss Linux and can’t have it back for at least a year) in between cooking special dinners and baking a birthday cake. I love Malteser cake! The cake turned out well, but I forgot that Korean pork and red pepper stew takes two and a half hours to cook, so I had to cook it on the stove in stead of in the oven. It still tasted good, but it would have been better if it had cooked slower in the oven. I cheated and bought some part-baked crusty rolls in stead of baking my own, and ended up having to cook chips with it to make sure there would be enough to go round with a last-minute extra guest. I didn’t actually get around to baking my birthday cake until yesterday, and I had planned to bake a birthday pie for dessert after today’s roast, but I am working on Christmas presents and trying to catch up with everything online that I have missed because I haven’t had a computer for sooooo long and have had to rely on my phone for everything. At least I have kept my passwords up to date…

So this is the start of a new era for me. That said, I am working on secret Christmas gifts at the moment, so I don’t have an awful lot I can share on here for a while, but I am sure I can manage to share some obscure photos!