Catching up

Despite my recent absence from the blogging world (and a lot of social media sites as well), I have been quite busy. In fact, being busy is why I haven’t been around lately!

A few months ago I had steroid injections in both my thumbs for de Quervain’s tenosynovitis (that’s damage to the tendon sheaths, in case you’re wondering). Following these injections, I decided to have a break from  crochet in the interest of resting my crochet hand. I can’t just sit and read or watch TV all day, so I picked up my knitting needles and knitted myself a couple of jumpers and a skirt.

Drops Alpaca Bouclé jumper

I used Drops Alpaca Bouclé for this one. It’s lovely and soft and light to work with and to wear.

Pink jumper

This one is absolutely yummy! I used Alpaca Bouclé again, but combined with Drops Air, Cotton Viscose and Fabel. I now want a whole truckload of Air! It’s so scrummy!

I haven’t taken any photos of the skirt because I haven’t sewn up the seams yet, so photos are to follow. At some point…

Then I picked up my crochet hook again and worked gently at first. I signed up for a crochet along. Or two. Okay, three…

First up was Scheepjes’ Flight of Fancy Shawl with Annelies Baes. I had to make a few adjustments to my shawl because it reached the floor when I draped it over my shoulders!

Scheepjes Flight of Fancy shawl CAL

I am very pleased with it now it’s finished!

The next CAL I joined up to (rather late, admittedly) was Lilla Björn‘s Circles of the Sun. We made a square a week for nine weeks and then joined them and made a border. I used Drops Cotton Light as I had some lying around. I decided to give the cushion to my daughter as she was so entranced by each of the squares as I made them. She just wanted a plain, regularly striped back, so I did that and then repeated the border before joining them. I happy to say that she loves her new 24-inch cushion!

Circles of the Sun cushion designed by Tatsiana Kupryanchyk

I then started on Julie Yeager‘s Summer Mosaic Mystery CAL. I couldn’t afford the Scheepjes Stonewashed XL that the pattern called for, so I used Drops Cotton Light in stead. I am therefore making more motifs. I ended up using a 3.25mm hook for thus, which turned out to be a bit tough on my poor thumb, so it’s having a rest until after Christmas now:

Summer Mosaic CAL with Julie Yeager

Perhaps now would be the right time to make a confession: you may already had guessed, but I absolutely love Drops yarns! They are affordable and so lovely to work with! You can see (and buy!) a wide range of Drops yarns at Wool Warehouse.

I also crocheted myself a virus Shawl and then a Globetrotter shawl for my daughter. I will post about those later…

Since then I have mainly been working on mandalas. I have developed a taste for overlay crochet mandalas in particular, which I’m sure you will agree is quite evident from my Instagram feed (see sidebar for link). Unfortunately, I needed another steroid injection into my right thumb a few weeks ago, and so I was back to the knitting needles for a while. Even more unfortunately, I now have rather severe carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand and knitting aggravates it so I can only knit a little at a time.

I am now back to working on the mandala I started working on before the most recent steroid injection, after which I will be concentrating on Christmas presents. I will not be making a lot of gifts this year, but there are a few that I really want to make for their recipients. While I can’t share proper photos of them, I’m sure I will be able to share a few sneak peeks!

Here’s wishing you and yours well, and I promise a regular schedule after Christmas when I’ll have a new toy to play with!

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